Laleh in Concert at Borgholm Castle

July 13

This summer, Laleh is going on an extensive Scandinavian tour with several stops in Sweden. On July 13, Laleh is playing at Borgholm Castle.





Tickets are released on December 12th via and

No age limit in the concert area. The age limit in the restaurant area is 18 years.

Everyone must have a concert ticket regardless of age. The children tickets (0 to 7 years) are sold out. Regular ticket works for all ages.

Strollers are not allowed for space- and safety reasons.


28/6 Helsingborg, Sofiero Castle
12/7 Varberg, Societetsparken
13/7 Borgholm, Borgholm Castle
19/7 Gothenburg, Trädgårdsföreningen
/7 Vadstena, Vadstena Castle

For more information about the summer tour and all the concert dates, visit