Seasonal exhibition 2024: Pristine Seas: Bringing the Ocean Back!

27 mars-3 november

Welcome to an exhibition Välkommen till en utställningsupplevelse som erbjuder en kombination av fantastiska bilder och filmer från de stora världshaven i slottets unika miljöer. Utställningens producenter, National Geographic Society, vill öka medvetenheten kring viktiga havsfrågor och samtidigt visa mångsidigheten och skönheten som finns i havet.

The exhibition draws upon over a decade worth of global expeditions conducted by the National Geographic Pristine Seas project to document and protect the ocean so it can heal, rebound, and regenerate.

The exhibition highlights the importance of marine protected areas (MPAs) as a mechanism for protecting and restoring the world’s ocean. Through the exhibition’s narrative, photography, and film, visitors will learn how the Pristine Seas team supports Indigenous Peoples, local communities and governments in the creation of MPAs.

Visitors will explore the team’s expeditions ranging from the tropical coral reefs of the Southern Line Islands to the icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula. Through stunning imagery and stories that highlight the scientific methods used on these expeditions, the exhibition will showcase Pristine Seas’ continued commitment to protecting ocean life.

Since 2008, the National Geographic Pristine Seas project has carried out 36 expeditions and helped establish 25 marine protected areas covering over 6.5 million square kilometers of ocean—an area more than twice the size of India.

Summer exhibition: Star stuff over Öland

15 juni-18 augusti

Welcome to the exhibition Öland’s night sky, where photographer Jörgen Tannerstedt explores the beauty and mysteries of the universe through his camera lens. With Carl Sagan’s words ”We are made of star-stuff” in mind, Jörgen highlights the intimate connection between stardust and our own existence.As a groundbreaking astrophotographer, Jörgen has explored and documented Öland’s diverse landscape for the past twelve years: anything from limestone cliffs and sandy beaches to historic windmills and iconic lighthouses – each under a sky filled with bright pointy stars.

Through Jörgen’s images, we not only see our Milky Way galaxy in all its guises, from season to season. We are also encouraged to think about how the beauty of the universe is part of our very nature.

Allow yourself to be seduced by the stillness of the Öland night and enjoy a unique astronomical experience. Welcome to a world of starlight and serenity, captured through the lens of a master of astrophotography.