Borgholm Castle, ”the most beautiful castle ruins of Scandinavia”, ranks among those buildings that leave no visitor untouched. The size of the castle is overwhelming and its geographical setting fascinating. Rarely do nature and architecture form such a unity as here. This unique setting was further accentuated in 1806 when the castle was destroyed by a fire, and the bare limestone walls were all that was left of its former glory.

Borgholm Castle today is the ruins of the fabulous baroque palace that King Karl X Gustav built here in the mid- 17th century. He is the only Swedish king who lived at the castle for a longer period of time.

At Borgholm Castle, many people have come and gone through the centuries: kings and their families, architects, bailiffs and watchmen, prisoners and guards, handicraft people and crofters. Then there were those involved in the building process: masons, lime burners and mortar makers, carpenters, smiths, stone masons och stone layers, scaffolders, glaziers och painters, but also summoned farmers, prisoners and soldiers. Many of these were non-Swedes, and during some periods more Danish and German than Swedish was spoken in the castle.

Today, Borgholm Castle is one of the region’s greatest tourist attractions providing visitors a unique insight in Swedish, Scandinavian and European history stretching back 900 years! Borgholm Castle is part of our common cultural heritage and is maintained by the National Property Board of Sweden. Borgholm municipality is responsible for the activities that take place at the castle.