Borgholm Castle, “the mightiest ruin in the Nordic countries”, is one of those buildings that will impress almost any visitor. It is truly rare that nature and architecture come together as one, like they do here. The castle was ravaged by a great fire in 1806, which highlighted even more its status as a ruin. After the fire, all that remained of the castle’s former splendour was the bare outlines of the limestone walls. Read more about the history of Borgholm Castle ruins before the fire.

The main tourist destination in the region

Today, Borgholm Castle is one of the main tourist destinations in the region. The castle offers a unique historical journey of discovery through Swedish, Nordic and European history. Borgholm Castle and its surroundings are packed with visitors, not least during the summer, when they come to explore the castle as a historical site, but also to experience the environment and landscapes of Öland which are the setting for the castle. Borgholm Municipality is responsible for operations at the castle. Nowadays the castle is part of our common cultural heritage and is managed by the National Property Board of Sweden.

“The mightiest ruin in the Nordic countries”
– a place for everyone

Borgholm Castle can be experienced in several different ways, both with the help of our skilled guides or just strolling around and experiencing the castle’s unique and historic architecture on your own. Or why not have a picnic with a view of the castle?

The castle organises events throughout the year. The castle hosts concerts with popular artistsfairs and exhibitions that tell about the castle’s exciting history, as well as temporary exhibitions with various themes. Borgholm Castle is a place where entertainment and Swedish history come together, where you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Accompanied by adults, the castle is also an inspiring and educational place for children. For the younger audience, special activities are arranged during the summer. Read more about the Children’s Castle and our playful activities.