Our audioguide

Take a guided tour whenever you want. Download the app Borgholm to your phone. Download the guide Borgholm Castle.
Here you can listen to 15 different stories all around the castle. Each soundtrack is about 2-3 minutes long. The locations are marked with red pennants/flags and black number signs.
You are welcome to enjoy the castle’s fascinating history! Available in English, Swedish and German.

Castle tour

The history of Borgholm Castle stretches back over 800 years. Our guided tour of Borgholm Castle leads you through history – from the castle’s earliest history at the end of the 12th century, through the Middle Ages and the 16th century Renaissance palace, to Karl X Gustav’s baroque palace in the 17th century. Listen to the story of how medieval kings and lords fought, lived and worked in the castle. Or about how the Renaissance princes lived and worked in the stately rooms.

This is our standard guided tour that gives an overall overview of the castle’s history. The guided tour is about 45-50 minutes long Here you´ll find the prices if you want to book a private guided tour.

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