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The church’s historic environment together with the Öland landscape make it a popular place for both church and civil weddings as well as funerals, naming ceremonies, baptisms and other events.

The church is a well-preserved church ruin where there is no access to modern facilities such as toilets and running water. However, there is electricity, which makes the church a perfect place for special occasions.

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History of Källa church

The church and its surroundings constitute a very valuable cultural and historical environment that gives an insight into the historical development over many centuries. It is the best-preserved example of Öland churches that had both profane and ecclesiastical functions during the Middle Ages.

The 12th century stone church has been built on and renovated over the centuries. When a new church was built in 1880, the old church was left to decay. It was not until 1928 that interest in the church was again aroused and it was renovated so as to be able to accept visitors once more.

Källa Old Church is located along the road to Källahamn. The church is located near the burial ground Vi Alvar with several ancient remains dating from the Iron Age.

The church is open in the summer.
Opening hours for the summer 2024 will be presented here later on.